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FusionSolar Residential

Huawei FusionSolar provides new generation string inverters with smart management technology to create a fully digitalised Smart PV Solution.

Smart Energy Center
(Single Phase)

SUN2000-2/3/3.68/4/4.6/5/6KTL-L1 >

Smart Energy Center
(Three Phase)

SUN2000-3/4/5/6/8/10KTL-M0 >

SUN2000-3/4/5/6/8/10KTL-M1 >

FusionSolar Utility & Commercial

Make any PV power plant an efficient and intelligent one.

Highest yields and return on investment available with 25-year reliability.

Digital PV Solution for Upgraded Safety & Better Experience

SUN2000-12/15/17/20KTL-M0 >

SUN2000-12/15/17/20KTL-M2 >

Our most versatile inverter yet.

SUN2000-/30/36/40KTL-M3 >

Optimised performance for maximised ROI.

SUN2000-50/60KTL-M0 >

SUN2000-60KTL SUN2000-50KTL

The new standard in utility-scale solar.

SUN2000-105KTL-H1 >

SUN2000-100KTL-M1 >


Digital PV Solution for Optimal LCOE.

SUN2000-185KTL-H1 >

SUN2000-200KTL-H2 >

FusionSolar Communications & Monitoring

The most Powerful Communications & Monitoring Device Ever

Smart Array Controller - SmartACU2000B

Smart Array Controller

Smart Data Logger - SmartLogger3000B

Smart Data Logger

Smart Data Logger - SmartLogger 3000A

Smart Data Logger

Smart Dongle - Smart Dongle-WLAN-FE

Smart Dongle WLAN

Smart Dongle - Smart Dongle-4G

Smart Dongle 4G

Smart Anti-PID Module SmartPID2000

Smart Anti-PID Module

Smart Power Sensor

DDSU666-H/DTSU666-H >

Smart PV Optimizer

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Smart PV for Future

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