Diwan International (Pvt) Ltd | Dairy and Cattle Farming
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Dairy and Cattle Farming

Milk Production, Supply and Cattle Farming


Milk Production and Market

Milk is an important highly perishable product of livestock farming, produced by millions of dispersed small sized producers in Pakistan.

Pakistan is 3 rd largest milk producer on the globe by producing its 42.4 million tons during 2014-15. The demand for milk is expected to increase in future due to various underlying factors. Provision of health-safe, hygienic milk to the consumers is currently a big challenge for the policy makers and development practitioners. Pakistani consumers spend 26% of the food budget on milk and its products. About 80% to total milk production takes place in rural areas, 15% in per-urban and 5% under urban settings. Nearly 40% of total milk production is marketed through formal and informal channels (i.e. direct selling to consumers and through milkmen). The current milk production and marketing system is facing a number of serious challenges like, fragile production base, poor infrastructure (roads, transport, containers used and virtually no chilling, etc.), financial insecurity, quality assurance, untrained manpower and seasonality. All these collectively results in unorganized and inefficient marketing system.

Our Dairy Farming

Nowadays Diwan International (Pvt) Ltd. also know as another business holder of Dairy Farming Products. In this day by day growing business, we took this opportunity to have all the healthy animals in our Dairy Farm for the daily best quality milk production. we took another opportunity to have a strong supply chain in market to supply milk in local markets and our best quality milk also has a strong market worth for the best quality products in Dairy Farming.


Our Cattle Farming

In these days Diwan Group is also known as another business holder of Cattle Farming along with Dairy Farming. We are also a provider of Sacrificial Animal for Eid-ul-Adha, an Islamic Event held in last month of Islamic Calendar. In these days the large quantity is needed of sacrificial animals. in the Cattle Farming business Diwan International (Pvt) Ltd. providing the healthy, wealthy and beautiful sacrificial animals.